World peace – Cracking the code (1)

World peace – Cracking the code (1)

What would you choose to do if you alone were charged with bringing about world peace? peaceThis question probably sounds somewhat daunting, and way too demanding to even begin to think about, particularly at an individual level.

You may be thinking: This question needs to be dealt with at an organisational or government level – right?

Perhaps. Then again, perhaps not.

To date, all of the organisations, religions and governments across the globe have not been successful in bringing about world peace, so it seems pretty clear that we need some other approach.

What if I was entrusted with the mission of achieving non violence in the world? Just me.

Yes, it’s a big ask, and like any difficult or complex assignment, we will need to break it down – so let’s simplify the task.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it):  

Select one thing that will result in world peace. This one thing can be a thought, word/phrase, action, person, tool or instrument.

Give yourself some reflection time, after which time you must arrive at a single undertaking that will achieve world peace.

Your time starts: Now!

Place your answers in the comments section or on your own sheet of paper. Even better if you can justify your response.

Let’s see if we can crack the code!

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