Feedback from Workshop Participants

The following excerpts are direct quotes received from participants at Stress Management and EFT workshops:

“This have been an absolutely amazing & enlightening workshop. I was not sure how the whole EFT thing worked but was astounded at the difference it made to thought/emotion/cravings in the activities we undertook over the 2 days. I had the opportunity to be the “guinea pig” for the class in demonstrating Marg doing EFT on me and “WOW”!!! It certainly identified an issue that I had carried for many many years and we seem to have dealt with it in session – thanks so very much Marg!!! Highly recommend the workshop to everyone who is open minded to different views and to giving it a go.” Kerry Sims, Stress Management & EFT course, Darwin.

“Fantastic workshop Margaret! This is a wonderful technique that I will use in my practice. Presented in a clear and engaging way with obvious and immediate results. Many thanks!!” Felicity Hay, Stress Management & EFT course, Darwin.

“Totally enjoyed and learned a lot in a comfortable environment. The style and the knowledge of the presenter, Marg, was totally amazing. The techniques personally healed and helped me to get over some of my emotional and even physical pain. I am happy to try and introduce it to others. The workshop was an experience in itself, unlike any other psychotherapy (which I have had regularly). It is easy and enjoyable and deeply powerful. Glad to know this teaching. Thanks a lot!” Lenin Thenamirtham, Stress Management & EFT course, Darwin.

“This workshop has been very inspiriting and I’m really feeling delighted to have been able to be a part of this and try to continue with the wave approach on society with this positive technique. Very interesting content and technique with brilliant results. It’s been interesting, good venue and presented really well. I’m really pleased to have done this course. Thank you Margaret – you’ve been super! Sarah Thomas, Stress Management & EFT course, Darwin.

“I was delighted with Margi’s teachings. I have gotten a lot from this at a time of my life I have so many ‘writings on my walls’. Great workshop and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants some emotional freedom not only for themselves but their families. Great course content. Very relevant. Professional and safe surroundings and I adored the group size and the energy.” Xana Kamitsis, Stress Management & EFT course, Darwin.

“A very informative and valuable 2 days. I really enjoyed the small group dynamics – especially as they were all lovely people. I would recommend the Stress Management & EFT course to everyone who wants to help themselves as well as others. Marg Lambert is very passionate and knowledgeable about EFT. Just do it! Julii Tyson, Stress Management & EFT course, Darwin.

“Was great to get the techniques and know I can use it every day anywhere any time for any problem…and that things will shift…the layers of the onion will start to peel away. Empowering to know I can start to heal/fix myself. Loved how it incorporated all I’ve been learning on NLP, breathing/oxygen and how all this helps me heal and live a  healthy pain free life.” Pamela Jeffery, EFT, Level 1, Darwin.

“Marg was great as a presenter and delivered it clearly. Love all the resources and found it easy to follow. Loved it. Look forward to the next one.” Norell Carney, EFT Level 1, Darwin.

“Really enjoyed the day. Learning EFT has inspired me to start working on addressing all of my health/emotional/physical issues. I’m inspired to share it with family members. What a great easy process to address lifelong issues. Can already see the benefits that it will create in my life. Thank you.” Felicity Pearce, EFT Level 1, Darwin.

“All very positive. Margaret is a very inspirational and motivational speaker. EFT is a tool I can use across healing, traum, stress and psychological distress, and meet it at its worst. Thank you to you and to Gary Craig for sharing this technique. Through my practice I will use it to change people’s lives. Roseanne McKenzie, Advanced EFT, Darwin.

“I love the ease of which I feel in Marg’s workshops to be open and to connect with the other participants. Marg creates and facilitates an amaxing workshop with the  right steps to get us where we can go away and continue tapping with confidence.” Kathleen O’Keefe, Healing Practitioner, Advanced EFT, Darwin.

“An awesome work. Content was relevant and well presented. Catering was great as usual.” Andrea ForlaniAdvanced EFT, Darwin.

“Coming into a room with no view, door closed….the use of tapping made me feel comfortable. I admire your down-to-earth manner, your clear and concise presentation, your warm empathy. Thanks a million. “Martha Swart, Advanced EFT, Darwin.

“I have really liked the way this workshop has been conducted over 3 weeks – it has given me a chance to put into practice what I have learnt, then improve on it with extra knowledge from the next workshop.” Keven McMahon, Advanced EFT, Darwin.

“I found the workshop to be very informative. The workshop provided you with specific hands-on skills. The skills will be invaluable in my professional and personal life. It is encouraging to know that these are techniques that can be used that are understandable and that you can use on a daily basis. The presenter was very knowledgable and provided a pace for questions about the EFT technique and resources you can  tap into.” Ann Lennon, USA.

“Marg, you are an excellent presenter, you are “there with us” with our problems and life issues. Your language is simple and concise and cuts through any extraneous stuff straight to what matters and helps us. Thanks to you I felt comfortable in a “closed’ room. My backache decreased long after the exercise and my craving for sweets stopped altogether. I had not realised that physical problems could be alleviated with EFT, so I’m excited about gaining better health. Thanks heaps Marg!” Martha Swart, Darwin.

“Another inspiring workshop. Thankyou Marg.” Joanne Milne, Darwin.

” A  fantastic follow up on the level 1 knowledge and skill set – a must have workshop if you wish to further your EFT knowledge and confidently and competently work with others. Really enjoyed the chance to work with EFT on others and to observe and EFT session. Thanks Margaret.” Jo Fox, Darwin.

“I love the fact that EFT can be quick in its effectiveness. You can take this tool away with you, it’s easy to learn; it makes sense and you can see and feel the results immediately. I have tried so many different techniques. This is the only one that makes sense to me. Marg was fantastic and easy to understand and everything was well organised, friendly and safe. Thank you very much.” Rayna Kirikino, Darwin.

“Thank you so much Margaret from the bottom of my heart. Helping me release the anger I’ve held onto for 65 years. Words fail me. You are truly a wonderful teacher and delightful person. I wish everyone with issues around child abuse and the church would visit you — their hearts would be healed and no longer wounded. God bless you.” Catherine Van Nesch, Geelong, 2014.

“Thank you Marg, beautifully presented. Easy & clear to follow, & can see the evidence that it works. Thank you so much for coming to Geelong, such a wonderful opportunity for me to attend.” Kaylene Wilson, Yoga Teacher, Geelong, 2014.

“Wow. In one word, FANTASTIC! Thank you so much.” Level 2 participant, Geelong, 2014.

“It was amazing to see such powerful results when participants had an EFT experience. The course was well paced and resources were clear and concise. It was valuable to see EFT in practice and to experience the great variations in ways to respond to situation as they arise. Thank you so much for coming to Geelong to teach us about EFT. I would recommend EFT to everyone!” Gerry McDonald, Teacher, Geelong, 2014.

“A very powerful workshop where I was able to experience EFT as a client. this was valuable for me to experience as Margaret led me expertly through the journey I needed to take. It is my goal to be able to support others in such a way and with the learning this workshop has delivered, I am feeling confident to continue. Thanks muchly, Margaret.” Leonie Wheeler, Teacher, Darwin.

“Magic Marg! Thanks, I found this day far more useful and relevant to my personal and professional needs. Really enjoyed your interactions and free-spirited humour as well. Your transparency is refreshing!” Craig Dickson, Darwin.

“Loved the challenging of thoughts in the process of EFT, and validity of cognition. The discussions around the use of different language for different people, situations and aspects of the issues, especially with regards to asking the right questions. You presented the course brilliantly with lots of opportunities to ask questions.” Victoria Dunkley, Psychology student, Darwin.

“Day 2 was very informative with additional content to consolidate my learning and understanding of the tools needed to be an effective EFT therapist. I found it very worthwhile and thank you for sharing your skills with us.” Louise Bilato, Psychologist, Darwin.

“Margaret is a great facilitator, really helping everyone to understand all aspects and I love the interaction we did together and the session we got to watch, hands on approach seemed to really cement what Margaret taught. Thank you.” Kathleen O’Keeffe, Healing Practitioner, Darwin.

“This workshop has been a wonderful experience Margaret. I feel I have gained a skill which I will consistently use throughout my life with friends, family and my child and of course myself. The information you have given us has been clear and concise, and you created a safe and effective learning environment.” Elyse Comerford, Darwin.

“The course was empowering. I felt I was gaining a technique that will enable me to manage through the hard times of my life, heal the hurts and reach a level of happiness and stability that will enrich my life. Marg Lambert – an excellent teacher, trainer and an ever-caring person, who has opened my eyes to how I can use this tool to be a better person.” Lorelle Pappalardo, Public Servant, Darwin.

“Really useful and interesting workshop, especially the practical applications of EFT – I was really surprised about the depth and level of connections I felt between what I thought was a simple exercise avoidance issue and deeper seated issues. Fantastic workshop. I would recommend it to everyone.” Belinda Cooper, Darwin.

“Presenter very accomplished, experienced and genuine – great teaching/sharing style. Delivery: clear, concise, good examples. Content: excellent. Venue: great.” Mary McCarthy, Chaplain, Darwin.

“Presenter was relaxed, extremely informative, humorous, patient and considerate. Overall content of both courses were most insightful and helpful. I came out from both workshops with an incredible feeling of peace and relaxation. The visuals were very professional and amusing (as was the presenter). Overall I extremely enjoyed and benefited from both workshops.” Maureen Roberts, School Office, Darwin.

“Marg is a very interactive presenter. I found her encouragement into being vocal and participating very helpful into getting involved. The presentation was really good to follow and I found links to other alternative thinking processes.” Kael Heysen, Darwin.

“I found the workshop very easy to follow. The passion Marg has for the effects of EFT are very positive and uplifting. I have used EFT on myself since the worskhop and had positive results. A great workshop with lots of information. I would like to do more.” Terry Jones, Katherine.

“I just wanted to say how wonderful the workshop was, what a wonderful facilitator you are, how very comfortable you made it for all of us and for the whole experience.” Level 1 participant, Darwin.

“I honestly think that I can take the ideas from this course out into the world and into my life. I think turning into the area of seeing the humour, something I find hard to do – one of my challenges and I am so going to enjoy it. Thanks Marg. Hey, and my back and neck still feel so much better!!” Marian Phelan, Darwin.

“Well worth the journey to Darwin . I enjoyed the simplicity of the workshop and thank you for passing on your knowledge of this technique.” Level 2 participant, Darwin.

“Day One session was like “Wow, this actually connects with what I was studying in reflexology.” How very easy and obtainable this process is. Never heard of EFT till now. I was very inspired with another way, like tapping, to use in every day life events. Thank you for the opportunity.” Evie Simpson, Katherine.

“The hands-on/practical side of this workshop was very helpful in overcoming my fear/phobia. It made me look at it in the eye and be comfortable with it. I loved the “humourous” side of things when my particular issue looked “ridiculous” as the tapping went on. Thanks. I will keep on tapping away.” Level 2 workshop participant, Darwin.

“Thank you. Enjoyable, relaxing and a release. The presenter was easy to listen to, informative and inspirational with a relaxed and powerful style.” Level 1 participant, Darwin.

“Brilliant. I have put into practice the skills I used last week and found it worked well.” Level 2 participant, Darwin.