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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – Stress Management

Experiential Workshops: 

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Special Requests for organisations can be made in the area Stress Management, Team Leadership and Team Membership, Building Resilience, Bullying, Improving Performance and Productivity, Adding Value in the Workplace. Contact Margaret to discuss your group’s needs.

EFT / Stress Management Workshop Overview:

This two day workshop will explore new methods for treating stress, anxiety, depression and other forms of difficult emotions and memories. It will also teach you the techniques for improving performance and achieving your goals.

You will hear of Energy Psychology – the emerging field of psychology that focuses on the energy system in our bodies for healing.  This workshop is specifically designed for those who wish to find new ways to treat troubling conditions and for moving forward in their lives. Apart from individuals wanting to learn about the technique for themselves, it is especially useful for people who work with others in any capacity: managers, teachers, carers, health professionals, child care workers, friends and others.

Learning Objectives:

Participants of this workshop will learn:

  • The background of EFT, theories and research
  • New research being conducted in Darwin, Australia
  • How to use the EFT
  • The application of EFT for anxiety, stress, physical pain and trauma
  • The application of EFT for performance and achieving your goals
  • How to apply EFT to treat difficult experiences
  • How to use EFT for core issues


Dr Margaret Lambert is a Psychologist and Author based in Darwin, NT. She has completed PhD studies in EFT.  Dr Marg is a Level 4 member of the Australian Counselling Association and of the College of Supervisors, and an Advanced Practitioner and trainer of EFT.

Dr Marg has over 15 years experience in Energy Psychology.  She trained in the USA with founder of EFT, Gary Craig, and in Australia with Steve Wells, psychologist and author, and Dr David Lake, medical practitioner and psychotherapist. For more information on Dr Marg, go to the About tab on the main menu:

Testimonials: You can read testimonials from participants of Margaret’s workshops here

Cost: $440

Venue: Details to be provided

Registration: Please email marg@margaretlambert to register your interest for you or your organisation