Longing to Live Mindfully

Longing to Live Mindfully: Little Words that make a Difference leads you step by step, day by day on the journey towards self-love and self-worth. This handy size book can be used as your daily companion and guide to self-growth. The inspirations contained in the book encourage your own reflections and action steps towards self-love and self-growth.front cover LTLM

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Proceeds from the sale of this book go to Childfund Australia, helping to reduce poverty for children in the developing world.


When we grow in self-love, we become more compassionate and peaceful people. This undertaking is not only of benefit to ourselves, but is a gift to the whole world.

Most of us hope to make a difference in the world and we often focus our attention on what we can do in order to make a difference. We often forget that it is in simply being ourselves that we make a difference.

Bringing out the best in ourselves is not about being the best in any particular field. It is about living in the most loving way that we can; it is about feeling at peace with who we are; and it is about believing in our magnificence, and sharing this as a gift to others – with dignity, humility and compassion.

Along the pathway of life, we come up against all sorts of hurdles and struggles, and we seek companions to nourish and assist us. Those companions can appear in various forms – people, books, films, religion – words and images that hold and support us. Ultimately though, it is our own courage that leads us on – our courage to pick ourselves up and continue on. It is the journey of being and becoming.

Living Peacefully

Living mindfully helps us to live more peacefully. To achieve this state, we need to live more in the present moment. When we live in the present moment, we can become more focused and pay greater attention. In achieving this state, we engage our whole body and see people and situations as they really are.

Often our minds play out all sorts of scenarios or ruminate over past events, which therefore take us away from living fully in the present moment and appreciating what we have.

Dr Marg’s book

This little book presents small doses of affirmations and reflections to focus on each day of the year, encouraging you to live more mindfully and grow in self-love. It is the little things that can make such a difference for growing in self-love, for bringing out the best in you, in whatever position you may find yourself.

It is my hope that we may all continue to grow in self-acceptance and self-love. We can only offer to others what we have within ourselves, and indeed, our world is in need of much love.

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