Planning for Christmas can help

Planning for Christmas can help

From the SIDS and Kids Christmas Newsletter:

The Christmas season can be a mixture of emotions for those who have faced the death of their child. If this is your first Christmas without your child, it may be a time of trepidation, wondering how on earth you can endure the “festive” season. The sense of loss may be heightened at this time, particularly if you focus on the thought that you were going to be celebrating this season with your child. For those who have faced a Christmas period previously without their child, you can take heart that you have already survived this difficult time before.

It can help to plan for the celebration of Christmas, rather than just ‘go with the flow.’ In planning the day, you can think of some special ways to honour your child which bring meaning and love to the day, rather than just the pain and focus on feelings of loss. Planning for the day can begin weeks ahead and can help to draw your attention towards the love of giving as tribute to your child. You will probably not escape the grief that you carry, but the way in which you approach and endure Christmas may bring greater comfort to you and others.

There are so many ways in which to honour your child at this time. Some ideas are: a special ornament for the tree or the home; playing some significant music at a particular time of the day; donating a gift for a child in need through wishing tree projects; buying a pot plant and decorating it. You will decide on your own unique ways in which to honour and celebrate the memory and spirit of your child.

 I wish you all peace and comfort at this special time of celebration.

Margaret Lambert, Psychologist

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