Making a New Year’s Resolution?

Making a New Year’s Resolution?

The following pledge was read to me recently by a client who is really determined to change her life for the better and to free herself from the limiting beliefs that she has been carrying for years. As the pledge was being read to me, I was struck by how applicable it is to all of us and what a great template it would be for formulating a New Year’s resolution.

As you read the pledge, you will notice that the first line identifies the specific issue to be addressed, with all of the other lines being undertakings that support positive thinking and action.

Why not try using this template to devise your New Year’s resolution by substituting the first line with your particular issue that you wish to focus on in 2014?

In 2014:

I pledge to free my mind for greater things other than thinking about my weight, what I eat and how I look.

I pledge to free myself from the habitual need to say anything to myself that does not come from a place of love, compassion and understanding.

I pledge to embrace my unique gifts and open my mind and spirit to inspiration that aligns with my own and the world’s greater good.

I pledge to do something every day that supports me to free my mind for greater things.

I pledge to love, accept and appreciate myself as I am – body, mind and spirit. I pledge to let go, to trust and allow my journey to unfold, with peace and gratitude.

Finally, I pledge to be kind to myself when I feel that I am not fulfilling this pledge.


Writing down your pledge and making it visible is a good reminder to you. In making your pledge known to others, you are also more likely to be accountable and follow through with it.

Why not try it out as we lead into 2014?

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