Australia Day – who cares?

Australia Day – who cares?

Celebrating another Australia Day gives us reason to reflect on why we honour this day at all, particularly when it has become somewhat controversial.


Leaving the controversy aside, I know I am lucky to be in this country for many reasons:

            Lucky to have an education, and develop skills for working
            Lucky to have access to a high level of health care
            Lucky to have relative freedom in traversing the country
            Lucky to have natural beauty of so many descriptions
            Lucky for the level of tolerance of all inhabitants (we might not be perfect,                but we are not at war)
            Lucky to have running water and electricity provided

This list is just a start, and uncovers some of the reasons that we care to celebrate this nation. For now, we continue to be lucky, not perfect.

As well as counting our blessings for our good fortune in living in this country, we can also continue our resolve in striving to become fairer, more tolerant, less judgmental and more welcoming. Our journey is not yet over…

Let’s continue to add our list of blessings as we honour how lucky we are; and vow to be respectfully more vigilant about addressing our shortcomings.

In the final analysis, I believe we all care.

I invite you to share your views; add to the ‘lucky’ list; express what you believe are our nation’s deficiencies and how we may address them – all our expressions show how much we care about our country.

Happy Australia Day!IMG_0971

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