Honouring Your Self

Honouring Your Self

Are you on Auto Pilot, and do you find yourself charging through the day, trying to cover all of the tasks that are on your plate? Chances are that if you are like the majority of people who have a work schedule, you go from one thing to the next, and often wonder how you will complete all the tasks that have built up: the emails, return phone calls, reports, meetings, assessments, researching, purchases – and this is just periphery, though essential, to your designated work role. Then the end of the day arrives and it’s on again: either you are catching up on the day’s work that didn’t get finished or you are facing the next schedule of events and tasks for the evening or the following day.

How much can we fit into a day? It seems more and more with technology helping us out! We are so good at taking on more and more, that we do not realise that in doing so, we are squeezing ourselves out of the picture. It is so easy to get immersed in all of the tasks, and we may even judge our self-worth by how much we have achieved. However, if we take away all of the doing and all the people that we try to please in the process, what remains? We are left with the Self, My Self.

It is My Self that is at the heart of all of my accomplishments. And how much attention do I pay to My Self, to the genuine care and nurturing that My Self requires? Do I even know how to nurture My Self?

Different people will feel nurtured in different ways, and you may need to explore some options to find practices that resonate with Your Self. It may be a walk on the beach, doing yoga or tai chi, engaging in religious ceremonies, contemplating the flow of the river, listening to music. Whatever it is, it is essential to engage in practices that nurture and honour Your Self on a regular basis. There is only one of You, and if you neglect your Self in the picture of your life, you run the risk of burnout and denying others the unique contribution of Your Self – not for what you can achieve, but for who you are.

When you honour your Self, your gifts and your beauty shine through, and the world is enriched.

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  1. david folkes says

    excellent article; our mens’ group last evening explored the concept of “Respect”.
    It was a fruitful delving into the concept and the balance required between our internal and external lives/selves. Without self respect, the Self disappears in the same way as you described. This will be a good follow up discussion article with the guys; thanks. David.

    • Margaret Lambert says

      Interesting that at opposite sides of the world, we have come up with the same theme at this time! Balancing our internal and external lives/selves is an interesting challenge, and something I may write about soon! Thanks for visiting and for your comments.

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