Everybody needs Encouragement

Everybody needs Encouragement

Encouragement is a great motivator. As we face the regular daily routines of our lives, it can be easy to drift into complacency. We become pretty familiar with what it is in store for us each day and how to progress through the daily business. We can even run many of our tasks – and relationships – on automatic, ticking off the checklist that is written either on paper or in our heads.

It is easy for us to settle into patterns of behaviour and there is nothing the matter with this. However our familiar patterns may also be accompanied with a loss of zest for life, as we find ourselves simply going through the motions (sometimes charging through so we can fit everything in!). It is a tragedy if we lose our sense of wonderment at life, because life gets in the way!

Amazing Rocky Mountain range, Canada

   Amazing Rocky Mountain range, Canada

The good thing is, that it really doesn’t take much to get out of the complacency zone and re-invigorate our lives.

Simply giving yourself a dose of encouragement each day can make a huge difference. Daily encouragement and inspiration does not have to be onerous – small doses can reprogram our outlook.

If you are not sure where to find doses of encouragement and inspiration, I am posting quotes from my new book, Longing to Live: Little Words that make a Difference, to various social media channels on a regular basis in the lead up to the book launch on November 10.

front cover LTLM

One of the quotes from October is: If you have issued yourself a punishment, did you remember to assign a release date? Further reflection offered for the same day is: “I may believe that I have to hold on to my self-appointed punishment forever, but most convicted criminals have a release date. What if you became free today?”

It is true that many of us hold ourselves imprisoned by actions that we are ashamed of, or for which we feel we need to remain responsible and guilty. How about letting yourself off the hook, and freeing yourself from past guilts so that you can be fully present and engaged in your life right now?

Focusing on a simple reflection each day can change our lives from being mind-less to mind-ful and move us from the complacency zone to a place where we live our daily lives with wonder and awe.

Lombok heliconias

        Heliconias in Lombok, Indonesia

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