Living with miracles

Living with miracles

Albert Einstein stated: “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; or you can live as if everything is a miracle.” Travelling to new places always opens my eyes to the many miracles in the world:

Spanish architecture

Spanish architecture

the wonders of art and buildings, of communication and culture, of landscape and hospitality; some of the very things that are present in my own home place, but that I may have begun to take for granted, failing to see the miracles. I find that travel awakens me more to the awesomeness of the world.

Every time I take a flight, I marvel at the technology that defies gravity, according to my limited understanding. If I hold a feather in my fingers, then let it drop, it falls to the ground. With some wind blowing, the feather may dance around before eventually landing on the ground. As light as it is, gravity determines that the feather still falls to the ground. I have never been able to grasp the multitude of miracles that have taken place that enables people to be transported in the air by a carrier weighing over 300 tonnes when loaded! Sure, the physics, mechanics and engineering knowledge makes it all possible, but the steps that have taken place in order to evolve into complex understanding and accomplishment of air travel today, are astounding, and in my opinion are nothing short of miraculous! Then there is the miracle of the interplay of so many facets of operation that make a long distance journey comfortable and safe. The flight alone puts me in a state of wonder and amazement, let alone the experiences that take place at the various destinations when I arrive.

As I reflect on the many miracles of journeying through other lands, I become more attuned to the miracles that are in my life each day at home. The more miracles I notice in my life, the greater is my gratitude.

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  1. How beautiful Marg! Everyday miracles are everywhere aren’t they? I love your closing line by the way x x x

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