Leading the Change

Leading the Change

If you are thinking:  “I am not a leader in my workplace,” so I don’t need to read any further, think again (and keep reading!).

Each person at various stages in life is part of significant change whether it be at work, at home or in relationship with loved ones. At one end of the scale, some people are charged with the responsibility of leading people through change in the workplace and so need to plan the management of the change, but at the other end of the scale, we are all part of change in our day-to-day living, in various situations and relationships. Sometimes we can sail through changes in our lives (usually when we view them positively), but at other times we may become resistant, making the change even more difficult to cope with.

We know that change is inevitable (except from the vending machine as stated by Robert C. Gallagher) and if we sit back and wait for it, we don’t have much option than to roll with what comes.  At various times in our lives we all face this position, as we cannot always influence the change being brought about.  However, there are many occasions that we can influence change. There is the leader in each of us that has the power to shape changes in our lives and to influence how we announce change situations to others. Whether we are the Head of a large corporation or a member of a small family group, we can greatly affect the way in which we introduce change to others.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.  (Mahatma Ghandi)

Future posts in this series will cover further aspects of change, such as: i) basic principles that can assist us to move through change and improve our situations; ii) how to bring about change in my life; iii) obstacles to change; and iv) do I really need to change?

Stay tuned! I encourage your comments along the way, so please feel free to have your say in the box below.

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  1. Margaret, thank you for this post especially to read it in the start of the new year. This year I am making a commitment to myself to embody the change I want to see in y field of work and will work more conscientiously towards it.

    • Good on you Kishan! Making the commitment is the first and major step to reaching your goal, so I am sure you will be very successful. My commitment for the year is to publish some useful tips once a week. Thanks for joining me!

      • I see alot of leaders use primitive means to exercise leadership. What does ethical leadership look like?

        • Margaret Lambert says

          Ah, thank you for predicting a future blog topic! I will cover this in greater depth in a blog than just a reply comment here, but I believe that a leader of others is essentially about the shared journey – it involves ‘we’, not just ‘me’ and my vision.

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