EFT for End of Year Stress

EFT for End of Year Stress

Coming up to the end of the year can be so stressful. With work deadlines, preparation for Christmas celebrations, functions to attend, making holiday arrangements for the kids, and whatever else might come our way, it is no wonder we can feel quite frazzled.

It’s important to find ways to keep our stress levels under control as it is well documented that stress is one of the greatest contributors to ill health. It is easy to charge ahead with getting stuff done and not even realise the stress that may be building up, until it gets to the point where we experience some symptoms: perhaps headaches or other body pain; sleep problems; anger outbursts when we fly off the handle at someone; or some other indicator.

EFT or Tapping is the best tool for calming the body and for stress relief. It is so simple to apply and your body can feel calmer straight away. Before you say “Tapping won’t work”, keep an open mind and give it a go – it takes only a minute of your time.

It’s best to use EFT on a regular basis – in that way, the stress does not accumulate to dangerous levels. Keeping your body in a calmer state also means that you don’t blow out when faced by stressful moments. But even if you’re not a regular user of EFT, you can lower your stress whenever you apply it.

Try using these words when applying EFT for your stress. You can find instructions for using the simple tapping sequence at margaretlambert.com/instructions

Setup statement for stress:

Even though I am feeling so stressed with everything I have to do, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though it seems that I will never get it all done, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though there’s so much to do and I’m feeling anxious, I choose to be calm and relaxed as I attend to these things.

Tap through the sequence of tapping points saying these phrases below as you tap from the top of the head through the various points:

All this stress / calm and relaxed / I don’t know how I will get it all done / calm and relaxed / so much to do / calm and relaxed / feeling anxious / calm and relaxed / calm and relaxed.

See how you feel after you have done this tapping. Chances are you will feel quite a bit calmer, but maybe not completely calm. Repeat the sequence with the words, this time saying: “Even though I am STILL feeling so…” (same words as above). Repeat again and again until you are feeling reasonably calm. For the greatest benefit, use EFT daily and whenever you notice stress symptoms. Let’s hear the results!


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  1. What a great Christmas gift Marg! Tapping away stress works wonders in my experience. It is such a powerful and simple technique for all ages. My 74 year old mum loves what she learned in your workshop and has told all of her friends about it. She’s even looked for you on Youtube!

  2. Julie O'Shea says

    Hi Margaret, thanks for reminding me to use the EFT …… frazzled! birthday parties, holiday plans, frazzled, cyclone watch, end of year parties, frazzled, flying of the handle, sore neck, frazzled ….. Ah, EFT. (Have a happy and safe Christmas) Jules

    • Margaret Lambert says

      Thanks Jules, I think there are many others also feeling frazzled. Sounds like you have quite a bit going on – keep tapping!

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