Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain – Chronic Despair

Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain – Chronic Despair

If you struggle with chronic fatigue or chronic pain, or both, then you probably also battle with episodes of depression or despair. It is extremely wearing to be living in a state of constant low energy or to experience pain with every movement, and it is impossible for the emotions not to get caught up in all of this. The ongoing struggles can seem like a constant battle where you get knocked down over and over again. So how is it possible to keep on going, living each day as though your life has value?

If you try to go it alone at the most difficult times, you may be in trouble! All of your inner reserves are likely to be spent keeping you just hanging in there. Moving beyond despair requires tapping into additional resources, and even though you may not feel like it, it is important to reach beyond yourself at these despairing times.

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Having a trusted and supportive friend with whom you can share some of the burden can be a lifeline. You may also find many understanding people online, through associations and networking groups, people who experience similar difficulties and who would welcome a connection with you. The interactions of people sharing common struggles can be a great boost in the way of validating your experience, and finding ways to add meaning to your life at a time when it may seem that there is no point, with your normal capabilities being greatly reduced.

Reaching outside of yourself can occur when you read a book of encouragement or of practical support, or when you watch a movie that is funny or uplifting in some way – be selective! Some people can be brought out of the depths through listening to particular music but again, be selective! Obviously there are genres of media forms that can maintain a depressive state, and these are definitely to be avoided when feeling low.

In times of despair, it’s vital to find ways to shift your position of how you are viewing things, and it may be useful to seek professional help. Chances are the despair will linger on if you don’t reach out in some way beyond yourself.

Rising above despair takes courage and looking beyond yourself.

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  1. Amen Marg!! Rising above despair does take courage and requires conscious effort and energy. Shifting beyond the despair and being selective about what motivates mood shifts sure is vital. As you well know, having trusted friends both on and off line has helped save my sanity more then a few times. Some days I have to work hard to decipher whether I’m in avoidance mode or whether I’m actually attending to self care. Being able to call on those I love and trust helped me regain my capacity to trust myself and reignite my attitude of gratitude. Thanks for another great post!

  2. Margaret Lambert says

    Thanks for commenting from a personal perspective Bron – appreciate your words x

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