Back 2 Basics 4 Health and Wellbeing

Back 2 Basics 4 Health and Wellbeing

Need to find balance in your life but don’t know where to start? Confused about all the conflicting information out there?

These were the foundation questions for the establishment of the Back 2 Basics event, initiated by Elyse Comerford, Sydney Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, and Darwin based Kathleen O’Keeffe, Energy Worker and Health Coach. By invitation, I have become part of the B2B team in attempting to simplify the conflicts around health and wellbeing concepts and the pursuit for better health.

B2B is about presenting some grounding tools for focusing on an individual’s state of health from the holistic perspectives that include mind, body and spirit.

It can often be difficult to know how to direct our efforts in our quest for better health. We may wonder which foods we should be eating, especially when we hear opposing views about dairy, wheat and corn products, and paleo, vegan and protein diets, just to name a few?IMG_2101-e1334713752415

And how do we know which particular exercises are most beneficial to us, and which meditations to engage in? Obviously we can’t do the lot, so we try to choose health-based activities that are going to be the most beneficial to us.Bec jumping 225

Whilst we are focusing on particular health regimes, life keeps happening, and a build up of stress seems unavoidable. With all the talk about stress contributing to illness, how is it possible to avoid stress and eliminate it from our lives?

There are a myriad of questions when we start to focus on health issues, and the segmented and clashing recommendations all around can have us give up in despair!

If you can ever make it to a B2B event, it will all be made clearer, and the confusion around conflicting health information will be simplified.

You will hear about bio-individuality: meaning, there is no one size fits all when it comes to food and nutrition. We are all different, so our food intake needs to be adjusted to be compatible with our individual metabolism. Forget the sweeping nutritional movements! It is the way that your body responds to particular foods that is the key to choosing your food.

You will also hear about the importance of incorporating stillness into your day, and learn more about the benefits of improving the quality of your breathing. You will learn how to practise some easy breathing techniques, even while on the run!


B2B also teaches the very effective tool of EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – some simple tapping on the body, so that you are able to keep your stress levels to a minimum on an ongoing basis, avoiding a build up of dangerous levels of stress.tapping2014

The B2B event also schedules in a Q&A session where an expert panel provide additional information as requested.

Those who have been to a B2B event have described it as “inspirational”, “informative” and “engaging” and many have reported that they have continued to use the techniques that were presented.

If you are near a location of a B2B event, why not go along and see for yourself? You may pick up something that can make a positive difference in your health regime.

The website for B2B is

Hoping to see you at a B2B event in the future – please come and say Hi!

Margaret welcomes your comments. You may have your own healing story and some insights to share, or some questions or responses to this article.

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